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Bug Catcher
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ave you ever gone to a pet store in your local shopping mall and looked at the bugs on display? The prices of these bugs might shock you more than the sight of these creepy crawlies themselves? While I'm not a fan of keeping bugs as pets, I understand that it's a growing trend to have unusual and exotic pets. Looking up these bugs in our trusty bug encyclopaedia, my son and I discovered that many of them were ordinary bugs that you could find in your typical rainforest. That brought this idea to me.

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Now, I'm sure not everyone fancies trekking into a hot, humid rainforest just to gather bugs, so I guess that's why some of these bugs can fetch such a high price. However, if you ARE a jungle nut (I mean that in a very nice way), then why not contact your local pet store and ask if they'd like for you to supply them with bugs. If they answer Yes, then I'm sure you know exactly where to find these crawling "treasures". Keep in mind though, that many species of bugs ARE protected by law and trading in them would be an offence, so best to know your bugs before you catch them. Ugh... a really creepy crawly money making idea this!

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