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Science Experiment Kits
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ids love science experiments. They love if more if they get to fiddle around with stuff while learning. Many a genius scientist began by messing around at home with stuff, taking things apart and putting them back again to see how they worked. Drove many a parent up the wall too I can imagine, but supervised in a correct way, experimenting with stuff is probably the best way for kids to learn about the world around us.

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There's an endless list of experiments using ordinary easy-to-get stuff that you could compile into marketable Science Experiment Kits. Anything from magnets to electrical circuits are always popular. Getting the components for your Science Experiment Kits is the easy part. These materials can easily be obtained in bulk from the suppliers. If you decide to go into this money making idea in a big way, a substantial investment will be needed for packaging, marketing and promotions. You'll need to establish a network of resellers to market your Science Experiment Kits, so a good place to start would be your local toy, hobby and DIY stores.

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