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Hobby Craft Kits
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remember when I was a kid, I loved to make my own play things - anything from kites to planes. It was really a thrill when your finished masterpiece actually worked. While many kids today still like to make their own stuff, they don't quite have the skills that we used to have. During our time, we didn't have the luxury of walking into a store and just pick out a craft kit, take it home and assemble it!

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If you're someone who's creative and you love to make stuff, you could start your own line of hobby kits. Kites, kaleidoscopes, periscopes, doll houses, radios and model cars are examples of popular hobby kits. What you want to do is come up with the designs for your products. Then you'll need to break it down into its individual parts, and mass produce those parts. You'll need to include detailed instructions on how to assemble your kits. Your hobby kits do not have to be plastic mass produced stuff. Hand-made kits also have their own niche market and can be marketed as a designer item to fetch a higher price!

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