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Fake Band
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any amateur musicians love playing together as a band and when the odd offer to play a gig comes along, it means extra money doing something they love. Like most other bands, their members are usually drawn together because of a common love for a certain type of music or band. If they're particularly crazy about that band, then you'll find them playing a lot of their numbers. Here's an money making idea that puts your love for music and your favorite band to good use... set up a fake band!

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Now when we say "Fake Band", what we really mean is impersonation of a band, not faking it. One of the most popular bands to impersonate is The Beatles. I've already watched two fake Beatles bands (complete with costumes and mop hair) and I must say that they were close to the real thing. While they've taken their act on to a professional level, you might want to start off just playing your local dances and events. Your reputation for mimicking these bands as closely as possible will make the difference between making weekend money or making BIG money ALL the time! The down side of this money making idea is that you probably won't secure a recording contract... but hey... it's all about playing and doing what you love best right? And if you can make money at it, I'd say that's a cool thing!

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