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Tool Rental
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heap power tools are easy to find these days, but people who choose to buy these tools quickly find out why they're cheap. Many of these power tools are made of sub-standard material and workmanship and are prone to causing accidents to their handlers. These can be really nasty accidents where life and limb are at stake. But what if you need to use these tools and can't afford them? Enter you... Tool Rental Specialist!

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As a tool rental specialist, you rent out tools to DIY enthusiasts and people who need to do minor repair projects, but don't want to invest in their own tools. You will rent stuff life power drills, jigsaws, sanders, pressure sprays and other power do-hickeys! You might want to include bigger types of equipment in your inventory... stuff like tall ladders, floor polishers and chainsaws. That way, you can target the smaller or freelance contractors who may need a particular machine only for a short stint. Remember that you'll want to insist on a deposit (for accidental breakage and non-returns) and you might also want your customers to sign a release form releasing you from any responsibility due to misuse or dangerous handling of the tools. With the steady rise in DIY enthusiasts these days, you might just find yourself making a nice sum of money on the side!

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