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Canopy Rental
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here's always a need for canopies. People need canopies when they have a party or a gathering to provide their guests with shade from the sun and rain. There are all sorts of canopies these days, ranging from the ordinary green tarps to the colorful party canopies and their rental rates are nothing to laugh at! It's simply a matter of - you need it, so are you willing to pay for it! Most canopy rentals companies charge by the day and there's an additional charge for chairs, tables, fans, lights and any other equipment you might need.

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It's pretty easy to start a canopy rental business. You could even start off with just a couple of canopies, tables and chairs and add on to your inventory as and when funds are available. Advertising in your local daily and phone book would be a good thing to do. There WILL be other canopy rental companies so what's going to set you apart from them is your service. What your customers want is for you to set up before the event and take it down after, with as little fuss as possible. The other thing that's going to be very obvious is the appearance of your canopies, chairs and other equipment. Patchy, faded and torn canopies are going to reflect very badly on you so careful handling of your equipment is important. You want them to last and you want to be able to get the most income out of your canopies during it's useful lifespan.

Fancy and specialy canopies are also a nice way to build your reputation. Strategically placed name cards and/or contact number of the your canopies also help in letting people know how to contact you. There's good money to be made in canopy rentals. While canopies are needed throughout the year, you busy periods will most likely be during special holidays.

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