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Shrub/Hedge Sculptor
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any homes have hedges that they plant around their houses. There are practical reasons for hedges. They keep out unwanted stray animals for one thing and they certainly add to the beauty of the property. There are however, home owners who have taken it a step further and trimmed their hedges into unusual shapes and designs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, and I've seen many homes with large gardens where their shrubs, bushes and hedges are sculpted into really beautiful designs.

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Learning the art of hedge sculpting takes time and perseverance. It's easy to start off with simple geometric designs like cubes and pyramids or even spheres, but to sculpt more intricate designs takes planning. You can learn the techniques from the many books on gardening available in the market, but nothing beats practice, so if you have friends who need to trim their hedges, why not offer to do it for them free. You'll get pretty good at it in time, and then you could start charging your customers for your service. It's a great way for the outdoor type or retired person who loves working outdoors with plants. The good thing about this money making idea is that your client's hedges will need a trim regularly lest they want them to look out of sorts. That's recurring income for you!

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