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Repackaged Food
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any factories discard or sell off at a very low price, surplus raw food or those that do not meet their quality standards. Some examples of such "Rejected" food items include dried mushrooms, dried meats and even chicken. Lets take mushrooms and chicken for instance. Many factories pack whole mushrooms into boxes, but reject the ones that are broken or out of shape. As for chicken, in the mid-sized factories where their cutting machines are not accurate, many chickens are "rejected" because they have been cut wrongly. These rejected items are still perfectly safe for consumption.

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As a reseller for such "Rejected Food" items, your first task is to identify a niche that you can make a profit at. Then you'll want to approach these factories and enquire about their surplus or rejected items. You then try your best to get it at a good price. These produces know that they can still get a buck from these discards, so they won't miss the opportunity to make some profit. When you've got your consignment of rejected food, your next task is to re-package them. Such re-packaged items are much sought after by housewives and food operators who need to keep to a tight budget. It may not be a really glamourous way to make money, but the money IS good.

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