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One Day Adventures
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ots of people are into extreme sports these days. For them it's a great way to combine a way to relieve all that pent up stress from work in a healthy way. There are others who would like to do something outdoors but lack the motivation to plan it. They'd much rather join a group on an excursion where someone else does the planning and they just join in. That's where you come in... if you're an active, adventurous person and you'd like to try a money making idea that involves being outdoors!

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You will plan one-day adventures that will include activities such as ballooning, rally driving, off-road driving, abseiling etc. Target business executive types with a direct-mail brochure or email. Activities like these attract a fairly high fee due to their nature. Hire experts with suitable expertise and training ability where required. You could also market your one-day adventures to corporate clients who want an exciting team-building activity for their staff. Don't forget to consider insurance coverage, given the risky nature of this money maker. Accidents DO happen. If your one-day adventures are organized in a professional manner with every aspect of safery taken into account, there's no reason why this money making idea won't bring a whole lot of business for you!

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