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Workshop For Hire
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f you're a DIY person yourself, you can understand the need for specialized equipment. Lots of people are DIY (Do-it-yourself) enthusiasts who enjoy creating or building their own stuff - anything from fences to patios to their own home extensions. Then there are the automotive and mechanical DIY folks who love tinkering and building their own engines and customizing their own automobiles. Whatever the skill, there's one thing they all need and that's tools. Tools and equipment however, can be really pricey and more often than not, it makes more sense for people and buisnesses to rent the equipment that they need instead of buying their own. Many times, they will need to rent more than one piece of equipment and for that reason, its more practical to build whatever it is they're building at a workshop for hire.

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This money making idea requires a substantial investment because you will need to get a complete range of equipment from electric drills to saws to metalworks tools. You will rent your workshop out to people or businesses that need a place to carry out repairs or build specific parts using your workshop equipment. You could work out a schedule based on the size and complexity of your customers' needs. Perhaps a few customers could work at the same time on their personal projects or if the project is a bigger one, then you might want to reserve the required period solely for that customer. Another large part of your investment would be to secure a large area to be converted into your workshop. You could convert your garage into your workshop, but make sure to check your local housing and zoning laws before you make any major remodelling or renovation. Unless you intend to oversee the workshop yourself, you will need to hire staff who will also be responsible for assisting your customers in using the equipment and carrying out maintenance on your workshop's tools. This is a full-time money making idea that just right up the alley of the DIY nut!

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