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Disco Taxi
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saw this documentary on TV one day that featured a guy who transformed his taxi into a mobile disco - literally! At first, he just wanted to add a cool stereo system for his passengers to enjoy good music. One thing led to another and after countless upgrades, he ended up filling his taxi with strobe lights, a tv, mini sound mixer and even drum pads! When he drives his passengers around, he's a one-man driving and music machine. He operates his sound mixer, plays the drums and does a good job of being a DJ. What does he charge for a ride in his taxi? A hundred bucks for a 20 minute ride. Now if that's a loud money maker, I don't know what is...

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I'd like to caution you if you're seriously thinking of this as a money maker - please check with your local authorities about modifications to your vehicle. This money making idea will not be feasible in many countries. If it is though, then the idea is to register your vehicle as a public transport vehicle and start your modifications. What you want to do is think of ways to make a ride on your taxi or limo a really one-of-a-kind experience. You could turn your taxi into a mobile disco like the guy I talked about, or you could maybe turn it into a mobile movie theater or computer arcade on wheels. If your idea is truly unique, people won't be paying you for transport, they'll be paying you for a thrilling experience!

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