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Day Care Center
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he growing number of professional women has fueled the need for more day care facilities. If you meet local zoning requirements, and obtain the necessary licenses, you can operate a day care center at home. Professional and affluent parents today however have high expectations from their child's care givers so it's best if you have a large area and extra room for activities and exercise. Parents will be interested to know a little about the other children who go there, what kind of meals you serve and the security measures you have in place.

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You need to be very clear about your rates and policies (especially regarding hours, vacations and invoice due dates). If required, you also need to be very clear about issues regarding child discipline. Both parties need to know where the line is drawn for those times when punishment needs to be meted out. This is one issue that cannot be ignored.

Because reputations and referrals are key to generating business, you MUST ensure that you and your employees are free of any criminal past.

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