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Mushroom Farming
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have to be honest - I don't like mushrooms, but my wife, kids and practically everyone else I know does! Apparently, mushrooms are highly nutricious plus they're easy to grow. There's this story about a truck driver who became known as the Mushroom King in his town quite by accident. He was apparently paid to clear a section of land when he noticed that mushrooms had sprouted like crazy on logs left lying on the ground. He didn't know much about mushrooms, so he just loaded all the logs into a truck. As he was driving to the local dumpsite, a man at the dumpsite asked him why he was throwing away such good mushrooms. Needless to say, it sparked an interest in the truck driver and he learned as much as he could about mushroom farming. The rest is history. He is now a wealthy man.

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Growing mushrooms can be done in a shed or basement. However, a thorough knowledge of the subject is essential, so if you're thinking of quick money, then this is not it. There are however, lots of books on the topic of growing mushrooms and the internet is obviously a good place to do your learning. If you're someone with green thumbs, then all the better. This should come naturally to you. Sales can be made through a sign in your window; through local newspaper advertisements or a roadside stand; and to local greengrocers, restaurants and hotels. But don't stop there. There's no reason why you can't be a Mushroom King (or Queen) yourself!

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