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Mail Order Business
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nything can be sold through the mail. Anything legal that is. Buying stuff through the mail makes it easy for folks who don't live near shopping malls or the product in question is not widely distributed. Examples of such products would be How-to Videos, Toys and Home-study courses, but like I said in the beginning... ANYTHING can be sold through mail order.

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To make this into a serious money maker, you have to approach it like it was a real business. The first thing you need to do is to find the product that you want to sell. It has to be something small enough to be sent through the mail. Another alternative would be to act as an agent for another company that will handle the shipping. Next, you need to advertise. If you truly want to be successful in this business, you have to think big in terms of advertising. By thinking big, I don't mean big budget promotional campaigns. I mean you have to think about placing ads in nationally circulated newspapers and magazines. When you receive an enquiry about your product, you have to be quick and accurate in your reply. Then when the customer actually makes an order, you need to ship out the product to him as quickly as possible. There are many laws governing this type of business which you must consider. One such law is that the seller needs to offer a money-back guarantee to allow unsatisfied customers to return the products. Check with your local authorities about any other specific laws about running this type of business in your country. This is a lucrative money maker for those who think big and operate it like a serious business.

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