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Wallpaper Hanger
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ost homes have rooms that have wallpaper. They add that special touch to a room that ordinary paint cannot do. There's all types of wallpaper from corporate colors to children's motifs. Hanging wallpaper though, is not as easy as it seems, unless you've either had lots of experience or you've had lots of trial and errors over the years! Many home owners don't have the time nor the inclination to hang wallpaper themselves, preferring to hire someone who's experienced at it. It saves them lots of time AND money, not to mention the frustration they can avoid!

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This is a great money making idea for the DIY type person, who loves to putter around the house. If you have a knack of slopping just the rigt amount of glue on wallpaper and can hang it with like a pro, then you've got a skill many people will pay for. You're probably asking yourself why people would call you to do the job for them when they should be getting the service included when they buy the wallpaper. Many folks like to buy wallpaper off the shelf from DIY stores instead of interior decoration companies to save money. Many of these companies charge very high fees for their services. People also tend to store wallpaper for future use and when they feel it's time to change the look of a room they'll need your expertise.

You'll need to be someone who's efficient and experienced. You'll know the best way to strip off the old wallpaper and to prime the walls before you hang the new wallpaper and a hundred and one other little skills involved in hanging wallpaper. You want to do the job quickly and with as little interruption to your clients routine as possible. That way, you're done quickly and off to your next job. This is a part-time money maker, so you can work during the weekends of your off-days.

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