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Snail Farming
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scargot is a meal prepared at most French restaurants. For the uninitiated, escargot is the French word for snails. I have not had escargot before but I'm told that they're delicious. You don't have to love eating snails to appreciate the money making potential of breeding them.

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If you like feel comfortable working with creepy crawlies and such, this might be a good money making idea for you. The technical term for farming snails is "Heliciculture". Snails are bred in cages with well moistened soil are stocked with less than 2500 young snails per square meter.While you could run this money maker in your basement or garden, you will make bigger bucks if you can secure a piece of open land where you can set up your breeding cages. There are many books and online resources where you can learn about breeding snails. Like any other type of farming, breeding snails also entail a lot of details like temperature and moisture control. Your breeding area also needs to be kept secure from predators that feed on snails. Since you are dealing with livestock, you must also ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your products before you sell them. You may be required to get a license for this business, depending on where you are located. Make sure you check your local health authorities about the regulations for this business.

It may take you some time to get the hang of snail farming but once you get into the groove, you can then think about your next step - marketing your products. If you live near restaurants that serve escargot, you can get in touch with them and ask about the possibility of supplying them with your escargot. Another option would be to supply to supermarkets or mini markets. If you think big, snail breeding can be a very lucrative money maker.

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