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Pet Door Installation
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any pet owners allow their pets - especially cats and dogs - in and out of their homes, to explore and to do their routine "thing". The cheapest way of doing this is of course for the owner to open the door and let their pets in and out when they need to. However, there ARE times when their owners are too busy or forget to let them out, and when this happens, it can be a messy problem - after all, when a dog needs to go, he NEEDS to go! The solution to this predicament is to install a pet door. Pet doors are little openings in our human doors that will either a little flap or electronic door that lets your pet move in and out as it pleases.

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You can help pet owners by installing pet doors. You need to have some DIY skills because you will need to use an electric jigsaw (or manual one) to cut a hole in the door, then install the pet door. You'll need to know about the various types of pet doors available to help your customers decide which is the best for their needs. The manual ones don't really require much know-how, just neat workmanship, but the electronic pet doors may require you to learn it's workings so that you don't face any embarrasing technical problems. Of course, you don't have to restrict yourself to just installing pet doors. If you have the know-how, there are a hundred and one other pet products that you can help to build or install. Dog kennels, car scratching stations and bird houses are some examples. A fairly easy way to make some extra money over the weekends.

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