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Nanny Service
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n households where both parents work, the nanny provides daily childcare and helps with the household chores - from escorting kids to doctors' appointments to picking up the dry cleaning. It's no wonder that the nanny is usually treated as part of the family.

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A love for children is a MUST. A nanny is usually employed when both parents are busy professionals who need to attend to business matters beyond office hours or have to travel extensively. In many cases, the nanny will the the 'substitute' parent and many children are understandably closer to their nanny than they are to the parents.

Because of your eventual close involvement with the upbringing of the children, you must accept that the parents will require full details of your background and references. If the parents are well known or rich, they may even engage a third party screening of your background. The responsibilities of the nanny are many. The job is challenging but the monetary and emotional rewards are great.

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