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Playstation / XBox Arcade
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ids love to play video games as much as they like to watch TV. While it's very common for homes to have a video game console like the Sony Playstation or Microsoft's X-Box, not EVERY family can afford one. This is where there's a market for Playstation / Xbox or any other video game arcades. Many enterprising folks make a nice bundle of cash by setting up a couple of Playstation consoles hooked up to a TV and letting kids play their choice of games for an hourly fee.

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To start off, you'll want to find a spot to set up your business. You need a high people-traffic area. While your local mall may be a great place with lots of people, the rental for even a small area may not make it worth your while unless you're sure of getting a good number of customers. Another location that may be great is your local morning or night market. Since your equipment will take a lot of beating and suffer lots of wear and tear, it's best to get second hand units. You'll also need a good selection of the latest games in the market. Remember that there may be strict zoning or government regulations pertaining to such a business, so be sure to check out your local laws. You can be sure that as your customers play those really exciting games, it will attract a lot of other kids who will wait their turn and pay you good money.

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