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Car Maintenance Classes
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lmost everybody owns a car or at least knows how to drive these days. Unfortunately, NOT everyone knows how to maintain their car beyond the regular oil change and service appointments. Proper knowledge on how to maintain a car, specifically the engine, can save the owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and service appointments yearly, not to mention the savings in time.

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If you're someone who loves cars, is mechanically inclined with good communication skills, you might find that teaching people to maintain their cars can be a nice way to make money. There is always a need for people to learn the basics of car care. The trick is marketing your Car Maintenance Classes. The problem is people tend to rely too much on their local Automobile Breakdown service or think that nothing will happen to their cars as long as they service them regularly. So, you biggest challenge would be to market the fact that EVERYONE needs to know how to maintain their cars. You could categorize your classes into beginner, intermediate and advance classes for the auto enthisiast who loves to tinker with their cars. That way, you broaden your customer base. You could also market yourself as an automotive maintenance lecturer who can be hired to give talks at automobile promotional events.

You will need to come up with your lesson plans, including the basics of engine components and their functions, DIY maintenance tasks like tyre change, oil change and preventive checks that include simple troubleshooting tips. Next, you'll want to find a place to conduct your classes. Renting a room or hall in your local community center may be a viable alternative if you can't find a full-time rental location. It may even make sense if your classes do not run the whole week. Next, you'll want to contact your local driving schools and ask if they'd allow you to place your ads or flyers in their premises. A couple of classified ads in your local daily or auto magazine will also give you good exposure. If you play your cards right, there are lots of options to this money making idea - anything from writing your own car maintenance booklet to hosting your own car maintenance TV show. Think big.

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