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Small Engines Repair
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very home has a couple of gadgets with small motors or engines. Lawn mowers, hand held grass cutters, power generators are examples. Like any other engine, these need to be serviced periodically so that they function as they should. However, because these items are usually bought at DIY or department stores, getting them serviced can be a waiting game. This is because the store where you bought the item has to contact the manufacturer, who will schedule someone to come pick up the item, take it back and then once the engine is serviced, there's another waiting period before it's taken back to the pickup point. So unless you schedule a service regularly, chances are you will be playing a waiting game JUST when you need to use that item.

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As a Small Engines Repairman, you will be someone who's good with his hands, knows the workings of engines, and has the knack for troubleshooting. You can run this on a freelance or part-time basis, picking up the item from your customer's place as and when you get a call. Depending on the complexity of the repair needed, you could either service the engine at your customer's place or take it back to your place. Repairing small engines don't really require you to have a big set-up. A small corner of a well ventilated garage will suffice. Personal pickup as well as speedy, efficient service will give you the edge over larger machine repair workshops. Market your service with flyers or a signboard outside your home (if you're working from home) or place ads in your local home-owner magazines or newspaper. If you have specialized knowledge about a popular brand of engine, it will give you more of an edge which translates to more jobs and more money!

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