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Diabetic Cookies
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friend of mine bakes great tasting cookies. In fact they taste so great you wouldn't realize that they were diabetic cookies! When she was diagnosed with diabetes, she wondered if she would have to give up her love for baking, but a quick search on the Internet revealed hundreds if not thousands of recipes specifically for patients with diabetes. She always said that she could make a fortune if she wanted to by selling her diabetic cookies, so here's a great money making idea for you!

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For someone who loves to bake, this might prove to be a great money maker. Yes, the market is saturated with cookies of all shapes and tastes, but when diabetic cookies are not as easy to come by. What you want to do is scour the Internet for diabetic cookie or biscuit recipes. Then experiment and try to find the right one for you. How? Bake and let your friends and family try them. If you can get diabetic patients to try them, even better. Once you've narrowed down your list of tasty diabetic cookies, you'll want to approach your local grocery stores or drug stores and ask if you could supply them with your cookies. Another way of marketing your cookies would be via the Internet. Since there are many websites that sell diabetic cookies, you'll find that it boils down to marketing savvy. You'll need to find the most appealing thing about your cookies, and target that quality. Maybe banking of the fact that they're home-made will give you that extra edge. Of course, as you business expands, you won't be able to operate from home, but it's the start that matters for now. "Sweet" money making idea, this....

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