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Personalized Doll Clothes
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ost girls like to play dress up with dolls. It's probably the maternal instinct in them. I enjoy watching my daughter play dress up with her dolls, although I can't really say I like the price of those doll dresses and accessories! Just take a closer look at them - they cost as much as adult clothes - but it doesn't seem to stop people from buying them! That got me thinking...

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If you're good at fashion design and you like dolls, you could start a small home based business creating Personalized Doll Clothes. There a lots of ways to do this. You basically work to your customers' requirements. You could embroider names on the dolls, make one-of-a-kind dresses or sew doll dresses made from the child's old baby clothes. This adds a personal touch to the doll clothes and make great gifts for little girls who appreciate dolls. You might want to try marketing your Doll Clothes upmarket where you create unique designer doll clothes for "rich kids". After all, when you think about it, if people can spend hundreds of dollars on clothes for their pets, why not the same amount on Doll Clothes for their precious kids?

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