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Pay-per-call Service
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ay-per-call numbers were once exclusively known for "live phone sex", but these days they offer callers everything from psychic readings and sports updates to financial and legal information - live and pre-recorded. Many large companies use 900 numbers to provide technical and support for their customers. Entrepreneurs are known to invest heavily and risking their reputations, hoping that customers will stay on the phone for hours.

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Most services charge by the minute. Fees may be constant or vary (the first few minutes costing the most, followed by 'discounts' for additional minutes). You will have to check with your local government about specific laws relating to advertising and operating a pay-per-call service.

Entrepreneurs can sign up with pay-per-call service bureaus for cost efficient packages. Once client's get on the line, they have to be encouraged to stay on, and that may require a script to keep people from hanging up. Time is money, and the longer folks stay on the line, the greater your reward.

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