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Piano Tuning
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usic is food for the soul. Perfectly tuned instruments are one of the first things you need to make good music. Everyone knows what a painful experience it is to hear an out-of-tune instrument being played! Not every instrument is a easy to tune as say a guitar for instance. The piano is one such instrument. It can take years of practice for someone to be skilled at tuning a piano and even then, it takes patience and a good sense of hearing to make it as a piano tuner.

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While others may say that perfect pitch or hearing is more important, I believe that the first requirement of a piano tuner is a love for music. Without it, tuning pianos would just be a job and a boring one at that. Watching a piano tuner at work, you will be amazed as he takes an out-of-tune piano and patiently tweaks it, key by key into a beautifully sounding instrument. While there are courses you could take to learn this skill, many people say the best way to learn is from an old hand. Being an apprentice has it's advantages. As you make the rounds with him, you get to meet a lot of people who might just be your clients one day. Many piano tuners freelance but if you're particularly skilled, you might just find yourself getting paid to be on call for famous musicians. These are the elite few who travel the world, going where their client (bosses) go, making sure their instruments are tuned to perfection. Good money in this for the right person with the right heart and ears!

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