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Exercise Equipment Rental
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ne of the best ways to keep healthy is to exercise. Unfortunately, the gym isn't exactly the kind of place many people feel comfortable at - especially if you're a bit flabby (which includes me by the way), so the next alternative would be to buy and exercise machine. Now exercise machines come in all shapes and sizes and it seems like there's one for every muscle group in the body! Unfortunately, we mere mortals usually don't have the budget for all these new-fangled machines. That's where you come in with your Exercise Equipment Rental service.

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Your target market will be folks who prefer to exercise at home - and there are lots of them - but don't have an exercise machine. You can purchase second-hand exercise equipment to make up your rental stock. Equipment like treadmills and weight training machines are always popular so you might want to keep a couple on hand for rental. Then you need to advertise your service. Remember that people are going to do their homework and work out the costs between rental and actually purchasing their own equipment, so you need to price your rental fees accordingly. One of the biggest advatages to renting exercise equipment is that your customers get to change the type of machine they rent, so they get to vary their workouts. This can be a great money maker during the winter months when it isn't possible to exercise outdoors.

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