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Kiddie Gym
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eports indicate that child obesity is on the rise. Not surprising when you consider how often kids have junk food in front of the TV, and how convenient it is to grab a burger at the fast food joint instead of taking the time to cook a wholesome meal at home. With Physical Education being more sidelined in favour of academics, our kids hardly have the physical activity they need. Kiddie Gyms, unlike adult versions, concentrate more on developing children's coordination skills and providing them with lots of fun physical activity with organized dance, tumble and exercise sessions.

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If you're considering this money maker, you should be knowledgeable in Physical Education, preferably with some sort of formal qualification. The other alternative would be to hire someone who has or to take a course in children's physical education before you begin. The other pre-requisite to this money maker would of course be a love for kids and a natural ability to work with them. One of the best places to run this business would be your local mall, where there's lots of people traffic. While your interior decor can be colorful yet simple, your primary concern should be safety. This means NO sub standard equipment. You want your kids to feel comfortable and safe. You also need to hire responsible staff to assist you. Another consideration would be insurance coverage in the event the unexpected happens to one of your kids - accidents do happen no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Publicize your Kiddie Gym with ads in your local parenting or family magazines. You might also want to consider some form of public performance where your kids can demonstrate their new-found skills. This should generate lots of interest in your Kiddie Gym. The best marketing would of course be word-of-mouth. Depending on your set-up, your Kiddie Gym can also include activities for older kids or even teenagers. It justs take creativity to come up activities that will attract this segment of the market. Nice way to help kids stay healthy and active and make money at the same time!

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