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Bottled Sand Art
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ottled sand art is a lovely sight to behold. These are little glass bottles filled with layers of colored sand packed to the brim and then sealed with a cork. The simple ones are cheap to produce and can be made of any sized bottle. Charges will depend on the size, style and quality of the bottle. For the more skilled artist, the sand can be layered to produce all sorts of images. This is done with a long needle-thin funnel with a short L-shaped curve at the end. The sand is poured into the funnel and carefully guided so that it comes out in a controlled flow at the outlet which is pressed against the inside surface of the bottle. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, a limitless variety of intricate designs are possible.

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The bottles and sand can be purchased from local art wholesalers. The funnels though may be a little bit more difficult to find since this is a specialized art-form. As such, you may need to search on the internet for the right tools. Alternatively, you could get a metal-smith to produce funnels according to your desired specification. The bottled sand-artists that I had the privilege to watch mentioned that he had his tools custom made to suit his particular style.

This is a money maker that you can do at home, selling your finished products to souvenier or knick-knack shops. You could also sell your bottled sand art on the Internet. Another money making aspect of this skill is the performance part of it. People are absolutely intrigued by how these bottles of sand art are produced. You could set up a small kiosk to demonstrate and take custom orders as you place your wares for sale. You could also hire yourself out to demonstrate your skills at art fairs. Good money maker for those with lots of creativity, patience and a pair of steady hands!

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