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Advertising Agency
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eave the large corporations to the 'big boys' - the multi award-winning, mega-budget advertising firms. As a small advertising agency, you need to know that KFC and Pepsi aren't going to give their accounts to small start-ups. Your niche will be the small to mid-sized companies who need great advertisements that are cost efficient.

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You'll need to have advertising experience to start out. The advetising industry is one that constantly evolves and is fiercely competitive. If you don't come from that kind of background, clients aren't going to buy into your ideas. Although they won't be paying the big bucks that large corporations do, they'll still expect stunning work from you, and usually under tight schedules.

There are advantages to being a small company. Your clients will get to know you personally instead of being a number assigned to an executive. Small companies work very closely with their clients to create visuals and copy that are intriguing and professional. As your client's business grows, they'll keep coming back to you with even bigger expectations and of course more money! That is, if you prove to them that you're as good as you say.

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