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alueClickMedia is a very easy way for you to start carrying ads on your web pages. ValueClick sends you the HTML to insert into as many pages as you choose. You do not need to carry the graphic for the banner on your site, and therefore, bandwidth consumption will not be adversely effected.

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ValueClickMedia also gives you the advantage of allowing you to choose which ads from their pool of advertisers to run. This is as simple as clicking which you would like to use from the affiliate control panel. This tools gives you the ability to block potential competitors that may be advertising with ValueClick, or block advertisers that you think are inappropriate for your audience. They even include a single check box you can select which allows you to block any gambling, alcohol, or tobacco related ads.

ValueClickMedia also offers several other programs to their publishers including pay-per-lead and pop-ups windows, allowing webmasters to further increase their income. As with all click-through programs, it will require many visitors to turn a high profit. Very low traffic sites may require several months before receiving their first check (which is sent out when you have accumulated $30 worth of commissions).

ValueClickMedia has a list of pre-requisites that website owners must meet before they can be considered for admission into their publisher network. To find out more about ValueClickMedia, visit their website here.

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