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Mall Creche
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hen parents need to go to the mall to do some shopping, their kids can get very bored and we all know what a fuss bored kids can kick up! It can be quite difficult to keep your mind on what you need to do and keep your kids occupied at the same time. That's why many enterprising individuals have come up with the idea of setting up Mall Creches where parents can "deposit" their kids for a couple of hours while they go do their stuff. Mall creches are also a much needed service for folks who actually work in the malls and need child-care that is close to their office.

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A love for children is a must for anyone thinking of going into this business. There is the other matter of investment which may be quite substantial if you're planning to set up in a popular mall. Among the things that you will need are playmats, carpets, toys, TV (or two) with DVD player, kitchen utensils, books, first aid kits and loads of patience. You will also need to employ competent child minders, since malls operate 365 days a year. The next thing to consider is the games and activities that you plan to have. You want to make your creche a fun and safe place where kids can stay.

Remember to check with your local laws governing child-care. Also remember to plan for any eventuality which includes small accidents while the kids are in your care. For this, you may need to check out insurance coverage for your kids as well as for your business. When parents leave their children with you, you will need to get them to sign an agreement containing a list of do's and don'ts while their children are under your care. Be sure to obtain their contact numbers and addresses too as a standard procedure. Some mall creches actually call the parent's mobile numbers upon registration to ensure that the numbers given are correct. Good business for retired moms or couples with lots of energy!

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