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Children Activity Books
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ctivity books are cheap, portable fun that keeps children occupied for hours. There's something for everyone in these activity books from coloring pages to puzzles to craft projects. Most of these activity books are compilations from many sources. Coloring pages are easy to produce while the simple puzzles and craft projects for kids don't really need to be that extravagantly designed. After all, kids tend to lose interest very quickly.

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If you're someone who loves to collect all sorts of childrens activity sheets, then you're probably the right person for this money making venture. You could do as others do and make a compilation of activity pages, but if you DO take this route, then make sure you use material that is not protected by copyright or trademarked. If you're handy with a computer, then it's even easier to produce your activity pages. You could even pay high school students a small fee to produce activities for you. After you've compiled a sufficient amount of material, there are basically two ways to get your activity book published. The easiest is to approach a publisher. The problem with this is that your material has to be extremely unique or very high quality. The other way would be to publish you activity book yourself. The latter involves a higher cost but since you will handle everything yourself, you will bypass the often tedious process of proofing and checking required by established publishers. Thinking long term, if you are creative enough, there's no stopping you from creating your own line of products or self-designed cartoon character. The possibilities are endless!

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