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Story Teller
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n days gone by, the story teller was a very important person. He/she was the one who would pass on stories and legends to the younger generations. Of course that was a time when there was no TV, radio or video games, and kids would sit at the feet of the story teller and listen intently. Although the art of story telling no longer plays the important role that it did in the past, it's good to see that even in our modern world of flashy gimmicks, gadgets and gizmos, kids still enjoy the simple pleasure of listening to a stories. Today, people who are talented story tellers can turn their skill into a nice money making activity.

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As a story teller, your will narrate stories at children’s' parties, gatherings and events. You will be someone who knows exactly how to capture childrens' attention, from the use of silly voices to facial expressions to controlled slapstick comedy. You will be comfortable using props (dolls, pets, puppets) and you will be an ace at getting your audience to participate. Sounds easy, but it takes practice. Perfect the stories then tape or put down on paper, then practise, practise, practise. You might find it easier to get jobs by getting to know people in event management companies. They're the ones with a long list of events througout the year. You needn't confine yourself to just live story-telling. Once you've developed your repertoire of story-telling voices, you can consider radion performances, recording jingles, TV appearances - the sky's the limit.

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