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e're all familiar with advertisement banners, buttons and text on websites. They're a great way to monetize your website, but as more and of these banners and graphics crowd the limited space on webpages, people have begun to develop "banner blindness". This is when they just ignore anything that looks like an ad. With more and more people ignoring banners, text advertisements became more popular. IntelliTXT is a newer type of contextual ad unit that displays Advertising Messages triggered by a user mousing-over a double-underlined word. This advertising unit is distributed through the website that partners with Vibrant Media.

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IntelliTXT ad units are always identified with "double-underlines" and each mouse-over box is clearly denoted with the word "Advertisement". IntelliTXT ad units are automated and delivered in real-time and deployed after the article has been published by the website. Vibrant Media is dedicated to administering in-text advertising responsibly and is an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

Vibrant Media has pre-requisites which website owners must fulfill before they can be considered for IntelliTXT ads. At the top of this list is that a website must have at least half a million page views per month. So if your website is fairly well visited and you have quality content, you might want to consider IntelliTXT as a viable altearnative to other contextual ad programs.

To learn more about IntelliTXT, visit Vibrant Media's site.

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