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Camping Equipment Rental
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othing quite like camping in the outdoors! Going camping is still a pretty popular activity for families that want to get away from the city and enjoy the fresh air, quiet solitude, one with nature - that kind of thing. It's even easier nowadays when you every conceivable kind of gadget or equipment to make your camping trip more convenient, everything from easy set-up tents to portable stoves. There is one drawback to all these conveniences though - the whole lot can cost quite a bit. Not very practical in the long run if you don't do camping often. For these folks, the ideal solution would be to borrow or rent!

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As a Camping Equipment Rental specialist, you will have a wide variety of equipment that folks can rent for the duration of their camping trip. Your inventry will include tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, foldable tables and chairs, life-jackets and every other thing that goes into making camping a fun thing to do. You will need to set up shop near popular camping spots so people can find you easily. This will probably mean contacting the people in charge of the camping grounds or park, and will include getting the appropriate licenses from the authorities.

Like any other rental business, you will need to collect a deposit from your customers when they rent your equipment. This is to cover accidental damage to your equipment. Make sure your customer checks all the equipment and signs a form to verify that the equipment is in proper condition when they received it. This helps avoid misunderstanding when a customer claims that you gave them faulty equipment. Demonstrate to your customers the proper way to set up, use and store the equipment. If possible, include user manuals or instruction sheets as well. You might also want to consider insurance coverage in the event that small mishaps occur while your customers are using your equipment. Depending on where you're located, this may be a seasonal business, but when it is camping season, you can be sure you'll be very busy indeed!

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