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Audiobooks Producer
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ith more and more demands on our time these days, people do not have time for the age-old love of reading. People are still interested in fiction and information but work, family and friends usually take priority over reading, and rightly so, unless reading directly contributes to our careers or skills. Since many people spend hours a day in their cars, they get audio versions of their favorite books, pop them into the cassete deck and listen to them! It's not exactly like reading, but it's the next best thing. While audiobooks are certainly popular, they're not easy to make.

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You may find that this business requires a fair amount of funds to begin with. Depending on your budget, you may choose to hire a celebrity or voice talent to read the books. Otherwise, you may opt to sub-contract this out, which is also expensive. A cheaper alternative is to simply buy the distribution rights to existing audiobooks. The owners of the books may require you to make a large upfront payment or a substantial percentage of your sales.

Both informations audiobooks - providing facts about a subject of interest - and fiction are popular. Informational audiobooks are generally easier to sell and advertise in a niche market. Another option would be to write your own material and market it. You need to be alert to market trends and if you could, secure rights as the sole distributor for your region.

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