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Wedding Favors
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ne of the nice things about attending weddings is that you leave with weddin favors - those nice little gifts that can range from cookies to small trinkets to elaborately crafted embroidery. Budget is obviously a big factor when you consider that some weddings have up to 500 guests (or more) and each wedding favor can cost up to $5.00. So when people shop for wedding favors, they obviously want the nicest they can get at the lowest cost.

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If you are a crafty person (I mean that in a nice way) and you're full of creative ideas, then you might want to produce wedding favors. What you want to do is to check out the wedding favors websites available, make a few calls and find out what are the most popular kinds on wedding favors. Then, you will need to narrow down you choice to what you can produce comfortably at the lowest cost. Then you can advertise your products. Getting listed on online wedding directories is a good idea. You can also leave flyers and calling cards at bridal gown stores.

If you're thinking of starting an online wedding favors store, you will need to find a network of wedding favors drop-shippers. These are suppliers who will ship out the wedding favors after you've place an order that came from your customers. As your business expands, you can opt to stock popular items to speed up shipment to your customers. One way you might be able to cut down costs would be to import or have your wedding favors produced in countries like China and Indonesia where low production and labor costs lower your expenses, making your wedding favors more competitively priced.

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