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Ready-to-eat Fruit
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ruits are an important part of our daily diet. Whether we get enough fruit is however, a different question altogether. Some fruits though are a bit of a bother to peel. Tropical fruits like pineapples for example, are thorny and messy to peel. If you live in Asia, you would be familiar with the "King of Fruit" - the Durian, which is even more difficult to crack open although the flesh is a wonderful delight for those (Westerners) who aren't repulsed by its pungent aroma. Some people don't eat fruit simple because they don't want to peel, core or pit it! As people find all sorts of reasons NOT to eat fruit, enterprising folk are finding more ways to market fruit! It's come to such a point where people even buy fruit not for the obvious health benefits but because of the packaging!

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This is a really profitable money maker. What you want to do is buy your fruit from a wholesaler cheap. Then you peel and slice your fruit and package them. You might want to include small packets of dip or whatever sauce that's popular in your country to go along with your peeled fruit. Sliced apples, peeled oranges, pitted plums all make it easy for busy customer who want a healthy or exotic tropical fruit snack without the bother of peeling it. Nicely packaged fruit salad in cups are also an attraction. And what do you get in return for all your hard work? Well, take a watermelon for instance. Assuming you buy a watermelon for $2 at your wholesaler and cut it into 20 servings and charge your customers 50 cents per serving, you'd make a profit of $8! Get the idea?

A good place to sell your Ready-to-eat Fruit would be busy office areas where folks are always on the go and are willing to pay for convenience. Your local marketplace may not be the best place for this money maker because most people who go there will be looking for budget goods. If your business expands, you could supply your Ready-to-eat Fruit to your local convenience stores or gas stations, where people tend to pop by for a quick, easy snack. Good money maker this.

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