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Antique Car Rental
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ntique cars are really wonderful to look at. They're even more wonderful to ride in! People enjoy the slow, steady rumble of their engines as they trundle along. Antique cars that have been properly maintained can make lots of money for their owners even though they might not have the horse power of modern day cars.

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There are many ways to make money with your antique car, but first you need to own one (or two)! If you are an car enthusiast or you know how to fix up cars, then you could scour old junkyards or automobile magazines in search or antique cars. Believe it or not, there are people who still have really old cars (or at least parts of it) in their garage. The trick is to find them. Once you've got yourself an antique car (or a fleet of them) one way would be to rent out your antique car for display at automobile exhibitions and fairs. Sometimes, antique car parades are organized as part of promotional events. If you have a uniqe car, you could offer to drive your car in the parade for a small fee. It's also a good way to give your antique car a workout as well as an opportunity to show off your pride and joy. You could also give rides on your antique car at fairs and outdoor events, charging a fee for a five minute ride. Last but not least, you could charge customers a fee to have the opportunity to take a photo of them in your beautiful antique car. Antique cars are worth their weight in gold if you know how to use it to make money!

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