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Bionic Animal Rides
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kay... so Live Animal Rides may not be your cup of tea. There ARE other alternatives that modern technology has afforded us - BIONIC ANIMALS! Kids absolutely love them! These Bionic Animals are actually just slow kiddie ride machines that look like animals, complete with furry ears, blinking eyes and wagging tails! They trundle along on four feet (wheels) at a safe walking pace, controlled much like a motorbike.

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These animals can be bought from kiddie rides suppliers, but if you have a talent for building things, you can always construct your own. If you do decide to construct your own bionic animals, then you remember that speed is NOT a plus - safely is. You want your small customers to enjoy their rides. That means you will need to pay attention to seating and comfort. You can run your Bionic Animal Rides business anywhere there is room for your customers to ride. Malls are always a good place. Your Bionic Animals will run on a timer that will automatically stop the motor according to your preset time. How you charge per ride depends on your overhead - taking into consideration your rental, staff costs as well as maintenance costs. The animals may be fake, but the money you make sure isn't!

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