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Letter Writing Service
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any people speak better than they write. Fact is, some people can't write. This group of people are the target market for a very much needed service especially in government offices where people may need to submit application forms with essay sections, appeal letters or general correspondence. The need to find someone to write such letters for them causes delay and inconvenience.

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This is where you come in. If you're well versed with your local goverment procedures and official correspondence methods, then you could station yourself in or near these offices to type letters on the spot for your customers. Years ago, you would see retired gentlemen sitting at a small desk with a typewriter on it, ready to type away. These days, you can be very mobile if you have a laptop computer and portable printer, all of which can fit in a mid-sized briefcase. You don't even need to pay rental if you station yourself in public waiting areas of government offices. All you need is a small signboard and folks will eventually approach you for your services. As an extension to this service would be for you to act as a notary (commisioner of oaths in certain countries). Many forms need to be notarized so after you produce your letters for your customers, they can have you notarize it at once. This is a good part-time or freelance money maker for retired government officials.

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