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Decorative Pottery
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here are lots of uses for pottery products - from planting flowers to decorative items. Just take a stroll thru the home decor section in any mall and you'll see a wide array of decorative pottery products for gaily-decorated tiles for hanging on walls, decoration of fireplaces, etc., small pitchers and mugs, vases and flower bowls. It doesn't really cost much to make these products and depending on the complexity and finish of the product, you could make up to a hundred percent profit.

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Pottery products can now be made at home at low expenditure on kits and clays from craft supply houses. If you can buy in bulk, it will lower your cost. There are lots of places where you could learn pottery. The basic skills are more or less the same. It's your creativity that set your products apart from the rest. You could start this out as a part-time hobby, selling your products on the internet and on weekends at your local market place. This will give you an idea of what sells and what doesn't. Then if you want to get serious about this, you could start stocking up on your more popular items and open and online store or supply them to art stores. You never know... you could be the next big label in decorative pottery products!

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