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Classifieds Handbook
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he classifieds are probably the most read section of a newspaper, but you would have noticed that sometimes, there are so many ads clamouring for attention! What if there are localized businesses that need to reach out only to a specifc town or state? Perhaps there are many home based businesses in your area. These types of businesses may choose not to advertise in the newspapers and may not have the time and resources to print their own brochure or pamphlet.

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You could start a classifieds advertising handbook dedicated to such businesses. Many households actually keep these classifieds handbooks handy in case they need the services advertised. An example would be the local locksmith or plumbing service. These businesses could pool their funds and share space in your classifieds advertising handbook.

You may choose to publish a new handbook every quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. It pretty much depends on the number of advertisers you have. You'll need to source for locations that will allow you to place your handbook for readers to pickup free of charge. This often includes supermarkets, petrol stations, bus terminals and places with a lot or people-traffic. With time, your four-page handbook may eventually turn out to be a full-blown advertising directory. We're talking big advertising revenue here!

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