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Bait and Tackle
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remember as a child, following my Dad on his fishing trips. He taught me the finer points of fishing although what I really liked was being with him. I absolutely hated one thing though and that was having to dig for worms before each trip. That really grossed me out. These days though, when you go to your favorite fishing hole, chances are you'll find someone selling worms! Now I wished we had that kind of service back when I was a kid!

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This part-time money making idea is a great way for fishing enthusiasts or even kids to make money during their summer break or weekends. If you're planning on selling worms and other bait, all you need is something to dig the earth or a net to catch bugs with. You will need to know the kind of fish that are predominant in the fishing spot where you set up shop, and the kind of bait that will most likely produce a bite. A little digging on the internet and asking around will also give you many ideas on how fishing enthusiasts use certaing types of paste in place of bait. As you can see, selling bait isn't just about worms.

Now if you're planning on setting up a small bait and tackle shop, then you've got to know your stuff. You'll want to stock up on popular lures, bait and fishing tackles. Many enterprising people produce their own lures based on their many years of experience fishing in a particular spot. They also act as a sort of coach and guide to newbie fishermen, giving tips on the best fishing spots. This is a great money making idea for the guy (or gal) who absolutely loves fishing!

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