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Kid Trolley Riders
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f you're a parent with small kids, you know a trip to the mall can be a real pain, and I mean pain literally. They'll be happy to scamper on their own for a good fifteen minutes before they whine about how tired they are and need you to carry them. Not a problem if they're 8 pound babies but when you're talking about a twenty pound toddler, it's going to hurt your arms, back and feet. There are other times when you would prefer to carry your kids, especially in a very crowded place where it's easy to lose them if they're on your own. That's why the guy who invented the Kid Trolley Rider get my vote for being a really smart guy.

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Kid Trolley Riders are basically kiddie cars/animals that can be pushed around by an adult pretty much like a trolley. The kids sit in the front and attached to the handlebars are a mid-sized basket for putting stuff. You generally place a refundable deposit for these Kid Trolley Riders, place your kids in them and off you go on your shopping spree. The kids are happy steering their make belief cars, and you're free to concentrate on shopping. The biggest plus about Kid Trolley Riders is that you don't end up with sore arms, feet and back!

I understand that these Kid Trolley Riders can be purchased from kiddie ride suppliers, but they are basically ordinary kiddie riders that have been modified by adding trolley wheels, handles and basket. If you're a DIY type person, you might profit from making your own Kid Trolley Riders and leasing them to operators or you could just start your own Kid Trolley Rider rental. What you do is find a popular mall with lots of people traffic. Customers who want to rent your Kid Trolley Rider will pay a redundable deposit plus the rental fee. Some operators require customers to produce some form of identification before they rent the riders because believe it or not, there have been cases of "customers" making off with the riders! While the initial cost of obtaining these Kid Trolley Riders may be high, you will soon be able to cover your investment with your fleet of Kid Trolley Riders. One particular operator charges ten dollars for one hour and he usually has twenty such Kid Trolley Riders rented out every hour. Do the maths. This is a good money maker, once you get over the initial investment.

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