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Firewood Delivery
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remember going camping and collecting firewood for cooking and to light up the night when I was a boy scout. It was pretty easy gathering firewood then. You just had to walk into the nearest brush or forest and pick them up. Little did I know that today, delivering firewood would be a legitimate business! Many homes in temperate countries have fire places to help keep their homes warm during cold winter days. It's also a fun to have barbeque over real firewood - it adds flavor to the food. While it's great to enjoy their fireplaces, getting the firewood is another matter - especially if you live in the city!

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If you're an outdoor type person who's familiar with diferrent types of wood, this might just be a good money making venture for your. There are various types of wood that are ideal for fireplaces like oak, elm and maple and specialty fruit woods like apple, cherry, peach and birch that release a pleasant aroma when they're burning. Firewood can be collected from the ground if you live near wooded areas. Keep in mind that many forests are protected areas. This means that you can't chop down trees for your firewood business! If you own a piece of unused land, you could plant your own trees for this purpose, but remember that preparing firewood for use is a slow process. Firewood needs to be split and baked in the sun for up to a year to ensure that they are truly dry and burn easily. Once ready, you'll need to pack your firewood in small manageable stacks, ready to be delivered to your customers. Your firewood business will probably keep you busy during the cold months, but if you're creative enough, any unused wood that is unsuitable as firewood could be made into decorative or souvenier items.

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