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Personal Organizer
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ot many people list "cleaning house" as a favorite thing. It's a chore that takes time and effort, and worse, the house gets messy sooner or later (sooner if you have kids) and you have to do it all over again! However, when you think about it, most homes and offices get messy because its simply not organized. Books, papers, stationary and knick-knacks without a proper place will eventually clutter a home!

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If you have a knack for arranging and organizing things, and you're always a neat, tidy person, this could be a business for you. Personal organizers organize their clients' clutter and mess into tidy, neat, manageable "systems". They also teach their clients how to keep things tidy - anything from their homes to file cabinets to basement and garages. Many personal organizers are called upon when offices and homes need to be spring-cleaned. Your job as a personal organizer would also include business, paper management, clutter control, chronic disorganization, behavior modification, space planning, filing, photographs, packing/moving, records management, home offices, corporate offices, etc.

This is a great part-time business you can run on a minimal budget from your home. Since this service is often a one-off deal (your clients won't need you once their mess is cleared up), you will need to constantly market your service. You don't have to confine your service to just organizing stuff though. As you become experienced with the common problems people have with keeping their mess under control, you could act as an informal agent/sales representative for product or software that help people keep their stuff organized. This includes anything and everything from space saving file cabinets to accounting software to cut down on paper usage. Like every other business idea, it's about capitalizing on the money making potential of every idea!

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