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Historical Tours
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ots of people go on tours for the learning experience and pleasure. They enjoy learning the finer details about places they visit. In fact, most tourists end up knowing more about places they visit than the local themselves. This is probably why many people miss out on the many money making opportunities in their very own communities. Every town, city or country has its own rich history, but if you live somewhere especially significant, then you could make a business out of your knowledge of local history.

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This can be a lucrative part-time business you run during holidays or peak tourist seasons or it can be a full-time money maker. You could start off by taking small numbers of local tourists on a mini tour of historically interesting places. You'll need to know every little detail about the places you visit and how to present those facts in an interesting manner (a tour guide reading from a book is a total bore!). You could get printed information from your local tourism office, but creating your own presents so much more opportunities for making money. You can print your contact number and even monetize your information sheets with advertisements. You might find it useful to establish contact with local hotels and tour offices, letting them know of your service. This is added value to their services and in return, they might allow you to leave your flyers or posters for display. You could also arrange for specific restaurants and shops to give discounts for meals and purchases to your guests. As your reputation grows, you will eventually need to consider extending your coverage to include more historically significants sites. While this means more work and cost, it also means more potential for profit!

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