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Bookcase/Shelf Builder
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sn't it amazing how after you've cleaned out your house that things start to accumulate again a month later. There never seems to be enough space to keep all the books, magazines, papers and thing-a-ma-jigs that every family loves to collect. The solution is usually a trip to the local hardware store to get a rack or shelf. Problem with this is that these bookcases and shelf never come in exactly the right size to fit that space in your home. That's why many people opt to have a built-in bookcase or shelves custom-made to their specifications.

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You don't need specialized skills to build shelves or bookcases but you do need to know the basics of woodwork and in certain instances, metalwork. When it comes to saving space, most people look for a simple, clean finist, so if that describes you and iIf you've ever built anything of your own for your own use, you are probably qualified to build something for your customers. You will basically visit your clients home and see for yourself the area where the intended bookcase or shelves are to be placed. Take down the measurements of the area. Unless your customer has already drawn out their own design for the bookcase, you'll want to draw a rough sketch for them to visualize. Encourage them to give you ideas on how they want their finished bookcase to look like.

Most of the time, you will be building simple bookcases but you must be prepared for those awkward spaces that call for ingenious designs that offer the greatest flexibility and space savings. Taking a course in advance carpentry or design would surely help a lot, but mostly it's experience that will matter. This is a great way to make money from your home since you can build the bookcases in sections and finish the final assembly on site.

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