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Clipart Producer
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o you have a large collection of artwork, images, clipart, music clips that businesses could use for their in-house or promotional needs? Do you own the rights to these images - you were the creator or artist? A good clip art service is one that can meet niche needs or know where to source for it.

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You would have to digitize all your clipart into a searchable database or store them in CDs or albums. If you own a website, you could allow the images to be downloaded for a fee. You'll be competing with a huge number of other clip art services on line, but when you focus on customer service, and are able to provide an entire set of images about any given topic you are going to be ahead.

You'd want to take the necessary steps to safeguard your artwork from being stolen though, so you will need to consider copyrighting them. All samples given to customers may need to have a watermark on them to prevent unauthorized use. Having an archive of photographs that are original and topic specific are going to make your business unique. Images are used by consumers for card making, scrap booking and even for their desktops- the uses are limitless. Eventually, you could hire other artists and designers to produce artwork for you. What you want to aim for is being a one-stop clip-art source, where customers can get any image.

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